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BT TV Starter with Unlimited Infinity 1 and Weekend Calls month; No fixed price term - Prices may rise during your 12 month minimum contract. Features at a glance. Up to 17Mbps download speeds or up to 76Mbps via fibre optic BT Infinity. Solved: Where can I find out my minimum guaranteed infinity speed? Do I need to It would have been given to you on an email when you signed up to BT Broadband. Message 2 of 7 Did you get the help you needed? Consumers who suffer significantly slower broadband speeds than The new rules are still based around Ofcom's existing Minimum Guaranteed Access Line Speed . BT Claims Future Broadband Delivers Mbps Speeds at . Download the same file on our other site with a different ISP and it's.

However it was more important the fact that I can shift from an optic fibre plan to my former plan if I move my flat to another without fibre optic. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. The steps are as follows: We have constantly dropping internet into the house, our wifi works fine through the Home Hub4. What is a girl to do? I have been without broadband for 6 days now and surprisingly no call from BT today. But it now appears as if the regulator will do more than merely monitor the market and indeed they intend to give consumers even more protection from slow ISPs.

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For the standard broadband and Infinity 1 packages you can choose whether to have unlimited usage, allowing you to use as much Internet as you like each month, or whether you will pay less and have a download limit. Do I need a phone line? Call TalkTalk on Message 3 of 7 2, Views. Bt keep changing the date to repair. Contacting BT on their help line proved to be a long and frustrating process as I was told to contact them when the fault was present and then they can do a line test. And this had stopped progression of the order?? He also admitted as I had previously had daytime speeds of around 36mbps there was no reason they could not be achieved now. What about the guaranteed speed? Your order can fail silently on the day of installation, get closed, and then you can have BT bill you for early termination, and leave you having to contact them to get them to fix this. Minimum Guaranteed Access Line Speed The broadband line speed you can get will vary depending on a number of factors such as how far away your home is from the local telephone exchange and the length of your line. The guarantee is that if BT cannot provide you with the speed they said they would, even after sending out someone to try to fix it, then you can cancel the contract and walk away. When considering your usage limit, it is worth asking yourself what you use the Internet for, and how often you use it. Your browser does not support iframes. Compare broadband deals from BT. Click here to visit our postcode checker and you can start saving money today. Our Ofcom-approved price comparison service helps you find the best and cheapest packages available for your postcode. Message 5 of 7 2, Views. Signed in as Show comment Hide comment. Is it worth adding BT TV? BT TV can only be taken with a BT broadband subscription as it uses your connection to stream content which is not available on Freeview. Fingers crossed this is the one: But how fast does your broadband really need to be? This separation was enforced by the Competition Commission to ensure that BT did not have a monopoly or unfair advantage over other telecommunications companies. And see if anything happens. BT standard broadband - up to 17Mb download and up to 1Mb upload speed, limited to up to 8Mb down and up to 0. I have also been offered a partial refund by a gentleman called Joseph which turned out to be a credit for a product that is not fit for purpose. We have just ordered BT Infinity 2 and hope to see a big improvement over the very slow adsl line at the moment 2. The moral of the story is clear: Measuring the impact of contention is a lot more difficult than basic line speed as it is, by its very nature, subject to variation over time. Customers can call their helpline for free from their landlines at any time of day, and access hundreds of free online guides complete with videos. We have constantly dropping internet into the house, our wifi works fine through the Home Hub4. Customers who try to switch provider in the hope of a better service are likely to find the same problems persist, since most other companies use the same Openreach network. How to use the navigation The help section uses a finder that has been divided into categories and sub-categories to help navigate through to the relevant answer. The BT Openreach fibre service, that Infinity is provided on, is also available from other providers, which means customers can get almost the same thing for a different price, elsewhere. Because of this, every provider who resells BT fibre now has the option to resell the 52Mb service as well; although as mentioned, at the time of writing none of the other providers are doing so. Since then British Telecom were split into three companies; BT Wholesale, who sell telecommunications services to phone and broadband suppliers, Openreach, who maintain the technical aspects of the BT infrastructure including phone lines, exchanges and street cabinets; and BT Retail, who sell BT phone and broadband products to consumers.

Thanks for helping us to improve our site. The cabinets, the cables, and the ducts they run in are all owned by Openreach. Give it some time and we may see it becoming available on a wider basis, which will allow for simpler comparison. The Top 20 Category Tags. Was promised a call back. Go Call Sky on Mon to Sun 8ampm. That is a very high difference. Mon to Thurs 8ampm Fri to Sun 8am-9pm.

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BT Infinity is based on fibre to the cabinet FTTC technology meaning that both your telephone exchange and your street cabinet need to have been upgraded to support fibre before you can sign up to the service. The reality is that most of those with the slowest speeds will not be in areas where VM is even a possibility. I already have Infinity 1, do I automatically get the new, faster speed? How to Use Mobile Broadband - Vodafone. In other words if your actual access line speed falls below the MGALS level then you are allowed to exit the contract note: She says a BT engineer established that her line could never deliver more than 7Mbps, because superfast broadband was not yet available in her area, but BT insisted the problem must be inside her house. We have some guides available that may help if the issue looks to be wireless related: I booked a day off work. December 7, at Message 1 of 7 7, Views. Message 5 of 7 2, Views. For more on this visit our guide to fair use here. Told nothing could be done until Monday. Our postcode checker shows what packages are available in your area. If the fault is within our control and we are unable to resolve, you may be entitled to cancel your broadband contract without paying a charge for ending it early. The lady on the phone said it would be installed two weeks later and gave me a date and time - I stressed that I would have to take time off of work and get staff in, so would be costly to me. This lets you access the internet without the restrictions of mobile broadband from coffee shops, airports, high streets, stations, and many more places - including international hotspots. The steps are as follows: Failing that, speak with the broadband tech team and ask them for the info. You should take the time to consider what speeds you actually need from your broadband package before making any switching decisions. Connects without any delay. In fact, they were rude and obnoxious. Cloud storage is an optional extra on the limited packages. You can now search for another answer below or visit the BT forum. Customer service what service. But apparently that is our fault for living in a rural area. You could try asking if FTTP is available to you. After another two months, and another unannounced cancellation, he found that he was to receive another copper cable. Compare all BT Broadband packages. These routers use dual-band technology to reduce wireless interference and come with an easy online set-up. If you go with BT then expect to get ripped off! As for 4G as an alternative, then that will depend on cellular operators roll-out plans. Call Sky on Just an awful business model for a supposed "access" provider. Broadband speed tends to be slower in the countryside because homes are generally situated further away from internet exchanges than in towns and cities. Ripping me off charging for up to Mb when in reality all they could deliver was my original 60Mb. Three roll out free in store Sign Language service.

How much does it cost? He then explained that there was a much closer cabinet which unfortuantly was not yet "fibre enabled". And this had stopped progression of the order?? Customers can call their helpline for free from their landlines at any time of day, and access hundreds of free online guides complete with videos. I am setting mine up wirelessly when it comes at the end of the month. BT Infinity for business. Help guide to using the community?

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What is a girl to do? But it now appears as if the regulator will do more than merely monitor the market and indeed they intend to give consumers even more protection from slow ISPs. Costs - BT Broadband is rarely the cheapest option for all the services they provide, however this is made up for by BT providing a wider range of included extras than many other providers. Come on get your act together and listen to your customers and start acting on delivering.

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It now needs to do much more to ensure action, so that rural areas do not get left behind. Message 7 of 7 2, Views. We no longer check to see whether Telegraph. Martin Chilton selects 30 great one-liners from the comedian and film star Woody Allen. Will be switching from Virgin Media to BT very soon since the upload thresholds are just appalling. BT you need to keep customers as well as get new ones. Do I need to ring? Ditched Virgin Media after months of problems. Complaints website Resolver received 6, complaints about broadband providers last year — up from 6, in — and inadequate speed was one of the biggest single issues.


Some links may be out-of-date, but I will update them when I get time. My Virgin Media broadband is very unstable. For over a year I have noticed that the downloading of files is very slow in the late afternoon using BT infinity service. What broadband options are available? Switching broadband providers is easier than you might expect.