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Download the latest version here. I usually only watch happy romcoms. Or just take over the company. Things are moving in some direction, and that is good. Recent Dramas in DramaYou. Kureru Nov 23 6: Mimi Mar 24 9:

Hello Rachelle, Thank you for clarifying 4 and 7 for me. How about the delicious taste of DramaFever Premium Try it free You should decide when to take a break, not the ads! It was rather painful getting here, but I also liked this episode. We have the same thought: I am an illegitimate, Kim Tan.

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Most of her dramas or should I say all?? Utami Jan 26 7: Children of the super-elite class bear the burden of success as they are being groomed as heirs to their family business empires despite only being in high school. Lock in HD, ad-free viewing now! I just wish someone would do something to make this show better. I was expecting to dislike the school bits and was among the few who was not looking forward to the return to Korea for that reason. She rolls her eyes and gets up to leave, whereupon she encounters his barricade and makes a gibe at his last-place ranking. I just like to see them. I think everyone is entitled to their opinion but I read some comments Last but not least, he demands to know what she was saying to Young-do, going from thoughtful and mature almost-boyfriend to pouting boy in a split second. There was something so endearing about her character. I enjoyed it so much and watch it all the time. No wonder Eun Sang is willing to do the same. Even if you dnt have a storyline, they can pull it off and make the drama worth watching. And Lee Bo Na, I love her. I hope there will be The Heirs I do agree with you, I consider this one of the best overrated drama. I have watched both and I have to say I hated boys over flowers but loved The heirs Seriously loved heirs! Jannah Dec 14 The story of an alien and a selfish actress. Unfortunately we were unable to retrieve your email address during sign up. Most Drama Beans groupies are a bit more mature, but more importantly most have seen quite a few k-dramas I have seen probably , counting movies. To hear that from YD, that is huge. It seems as if he was reaching out to her, and she rejected him, yet again. As Rachel in this drama argued, children of wealth parents are commodities on the market. Masalah muncul ketika Kim Tan sebagai ahli waris menyadari perbedaan antara uang dan dunia nyata dan mereka segera belajar apa itu cinta. Lee Min Ho ssi! Storywise, i think Pinocchio was better, because chaebol storylines like the heirs are just so common, but hey, i think most kdrama fans are here for the chaebol stories: Episode 12 will start in 9 seconds. I hope they will have another drama together: Milena Feb 07 8: Yes I already watched Secret Garden

You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. How about the delicious taste of DramaFever Premium Try it free You should decide when to take a break, not the ads! Just name one drama that you would fall in love with all the characters beside the main couple, that could be hard. Pool Jun 16 8: Now you are watching kdrama the heirs ep 18 with sub. Wait, what rumored spoilers? The chemistry was there.

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Hello isnin and anniejang Thank you for your responses. Even without the bullying from Young Do, her life is really difficult and depressing. I really wish I will meet you in person. But the one thing that make me continue to watch this is Soojung and Minhyuk couple. Most importantly, I thought the ending was really satisfying. When will kim woo bin play the first lead. Also, I can so relate to yours I-watchedshows statement. I hope you can visit us here both. Lee Min Ho ssi!! Utami Jan 26 7: Would she let him date her? And I certainly cannot see the change in his approach toward others. Does that mean that seeing a ghost automatically means dying afterwards? ES Tan Sep 13 3: I agree with you that Kim Tan loves Kim Won dearly and tries his best to avoid causing intentional and unintentional harm to him. I have so far watched 5 series of leeMinho acting, and he fitted perfectly every role he had to enact, he has never acted similarly in a drama All the characters in this drama are tragic and my heart ached for them during all the episodes. No other drama that could come close to this number. Again, the matter of credibility. Rainy May 15 Balance and movement is what this show needs, otherwise I might end up Always taking out my frustrations on the characters, even if they are not Always to blame. I keep worrying about HS, seeing how emotional he was with his mother. Just they have to make scenes like that??

I have no idea why I am shipping Rachel with Youngdo except that they have wonderful rapport with each other. Rachelle, I have to be honest! Every week I tuned in and cursed at my laptop screen afterwards. Click here to download and install. They inform you of how people look at the world.

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TBH review my opinion Apr 17 8: If not "Song Hye Kyo",someone who is a perfect match for him. Kricketsc80 Sep 26

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Thank you for the recap! I wish days were longer than 24 hours. I like some actors but the story He is sitting out on the patio of the beach front restaurant, watching everything unfold between Eun-Sang and her sister. I love Mom for playing hardball, and she fetches a nice price for the lot. Wealthy man with poor woman fall in love, parents disagree, another rich man comes and has one-sided love to the poor woman and so on and so on.

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Sebagai orang yang lebih tua, Kim Won Choi Jin-hyuk berencana untuk mengambil alih bisnis keluarga. Kelcy Davis May 07 7: Sheeer Apr 20 3: Rachel - feels as though her only utility is to promote the family business and treats others with a goal-oriented cold pragmatism HS - feels a lack of personal identity and treats others with a sense of responsibility to be a leader Bo Na - is a princess that treats others with the unique mix of hauteur and gentility that characterizes a royal. She lost her dad. He tries to lend a friendly hand of comfort, and Eun-sang passes by to see them together. I still recall back in ep1 she was ready to declare her life over at the massive old age of 18, and her attitude has only gotten worse ever since. It needs a season 2!! And it certainly takes the fun out of the experience. The reason I decide to only read the recap and not watch the drama is because there is no refreshing story line. ES has to be most blah character in this show. The bad thing is I finished this in just one week and I need more now!! Barjan Dec 13 3: I am an illegitimate, Kim Tan. Will that make them into a family? Destani Jul 08 8: She has a right to whine or cry sometimes.