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Here, Jesus calls his first disciples, Peter, James, and John, and they leave everything to follow him. He is alive, and this fact is the bedrock of the Christian faith. Listeners also subscribed to. Jesus claimed to be God, but is his claim exclusi…. Visiting a church for the first time can be nerve-racking. Besides Jesus, John the Baptizer was the greatest….

It's all about Jesus, and Mars Hill Church exists to make disciples and plant churches in his name. Best-sermon-ever__itunes_feed_image. That Day! At some point, everyone finds themselves with a day, unlike any other day. That day is the day that someone or something that is against you is bigger. Mars Hill Music. Mars Hill musicians write fresh music and rearrange timeless hymns for our worship services and recording. Explore Mars Hill Music. Music.

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Clean Joy In Anxiety. How can we be a good friend? Clean Jesus Forgives a Sinful Woman. Why is your but so big? The purpose of these and all gifts is to point to Jesus Christ. God is a Father who loves parents and children, a…. How should we see our suffering? Planting Churches God works through his church to make disciples. As a man, he was truly exhausted when he and his disciples set out in a boat to cross the sea. Practically, however, there are seasons and reasons that provide exceptions to the rule of marriage for some people. That which we hold in highest esteem and devote our time and energy to is our idol s. Pastor Mark preaches on the shores of the Sea of …. Clean Drop Your Phone in the Lake: Watch as Pastor Mark Driscoll shows you what it really means to move from boyhood to manhood — and from manhood to godly maturity — in his message, Boys to Men. Clean John the Baptizer, Part 2. Jesus is our good portion that will never be taken away. The rhythm of our day is supposed to be Mary first, then Martha. By clicking Sign Up you are agreeing to our Terms of Use. Log in or sign up in seconds. Our mini-series on spiritual gifts continues this…. Look at children with a father who adores them. True, godly greatness is simply service. To open his letter to a young church, Paul prays. What can we learn from what they did? Hi all, I al looking for a place where I can download all of Driscols sermons in one big go. Who can understand it? In light of numerous idols in the world today tha…. Satan will bait the hook with anything enticing enough to get you to bite, then he will reel you in to death. Jesus taught that he is the King of kings who is bringing a countercultural kingdom.

A good Father gives good gifts and the greatest gift is the Holy Spirit. We see six ways in which all of the Old Testament is connected to Jesus: You can view your notes at any time, and share them with anyone you choose. Jesus is our riches, freedom, sight, and liberation. Trying to water it down into something that is more tolerable to us is simply not an intellectually-honest option. The problem is that not only is everything on the earth crooked, so is everyone on the earth. But Zechariah did not believe the angel, so he was made mute.


Rather, we are to praise Jesus as the Savior, Christ the Lord—good news for all the people—like the angels, Mary, and the shepherds did. The powerful preacher George Whitefield — offers six exhortations for how to listen to a sermon. That which we hold in highest esteem and devote our time and energy to is our idol s. Who we really are, how we really feel, and what we really believe are revealed most clearly when we pray. Are you going to heaven or hell? Jesus preaches in his hometown of Nazareth, but t…. The cross is where the love of God is most clearly seen: We do not need the temple today because Jesus has fulfilled all of its functions. How can we use our suffering? Making Disciples God reveals himself through us to others. Too often, religious error takes itself too seriously, and God not seriously enough. But far too often, we rebel and go our own way instead of following His plan and His best for us. Our priority is to make disciples who love God and love others well. This bothers us, so we want to straighten it out. Satan and demons are at war against God, angels, …. We invite you to learn more about this man who is God and how you can find forgiveness and new life in him. Pastor Mark Driscoll kicks off this three-year se…. Are you as zealous for wisdom as you are for winning? This week we meet Mary, the mother of Jesus. The Pharisees use fear of man to bully the multit…. Jesus, Our Advocate September 14, Best Sermon Ever - Part 2: What is your identity? We are all crooked.

As he sits in a jail cell, the Apostle Paul talks about how suffering can teach us about Jesus, make us more like Jesus, and give us a ministry that blesses others. Jesus, Our Advocate September 14, Real Marriage January —March Thanks for you help! Clean Good Friday She sings a song of praise to God, and in it lists at least 17 attributes of God and echoes a multitude of Old Testament Scriptures—even though she was likely illiterate. God makes everything beautiful in its time.

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This section of Scripture remains wildly misunder…. Jesus is harsh with the religious people because they are wolves who close their eyes to the light, make rules for God, want praise for themselves, and defend their idols. Can you find any joy in that truth? Links Podcast Website Report a Concern. Clean Jesus And True Greatness. The result of religion is a paint-by-numbers life. Opening the iTunes Store. How to have a soul-saving and life-changing relat…. Clean Satan, Demons, and Zombies. Renewing Your Mind with R. We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. Starting around sermon series 14, MHC began offering video versions—at first in low-quality "vodcast" m4v, then later in full p HD. Do you understand the ministry of the Holy Spirit to nurture and heal your soul at the deepest levels of your being? Real churches must deliver truth through the Bible, the inspired word of God, even if it hurts, "For the word of God is living and active. God makes everything beautiful in its time. Relationships are the most wonderful and awful, p…. God, at the end of this life, pours out commensurate wrath.

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Can you find any joy in that truth? My Notes Did you know you can take notes while you stream our services on Sundays? Pastor Mark shares a message with us taught at Ja…. That is the question Solomon is driving at. Jesus is the Creator who made the world and the Savior who came into the world to rescue sinners.