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Last week both Stephen and I were out of town. Todd, Stephen and I have been utilizing their service for the last few years and have recently work out a sponsorship agreement. So if you are trying to purchase a combo deal the code will not work. We discuss it, comment on it and bring light to the most relevant and popular stories in photography. So, after last weeks show we filmed a second show which turned into a GEAR related flying solo question fest. You might as well get this bad boy, check out Atomos. For more information click the link to get entered for your chance to WIN.

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If you are into photography looking to pick up tips, tricks, reviews and our personal views than this is the podcast for you. I hope you will be able to join my class. So no matter how much SEO, Facebook advertising, begging and pleading you do, if your work is not quality you will not get the job. Well in this weeks photo news we find out just how dangerous they can be… NEWS starts at The sale ends Saturday the 13th at Midnight so jump on it right now if you can. When I started to record video it was done with a static GoPro camera with the audio running into it. Speaking of assisting Shawn is looking for a good assistant in the LA area so if that is you be sure to listen closely to our interview. The majority of the questions had to do with how do you make it as a photographer. Listen in on a recent Flash Photography Spreecast. Continuing on the themed style show this week, I sat down to talk all things wedding photography. This was an unbelivable facility housing studio after studio of recording spaces as well as 91 employees. Have you seen any The interview starts at 3: We spend good money on quality gear why skimp out on the chair we sit in. I want to preface the interview by saying I had to choose my questions very carefully. Well, I am one of those YouTubers so I share what I know to try and shed some light on this age old question. I have wanted to sit down and interview my dad for a long time. Sitting down with Joel and hearing his story about turning down a six figure job out of college to try and turn and idea into a business was awe-inspiring. I have nothing to hide and want to share everything I know to help as many people as possible. Is it for photographers, do you need it, will I return it or love it? Thank you all for your continued support of the show and the companies who help keep it FREE. I said sure, go for it. That interview starts at To put it mildly, I was a little tired for the show. We discuss that at You have nothing to lose, go for it, make it happen. The only way to really test this camera out is to use it and use it on real jobs. We have everything from small camera phone stands to the updesk and everything in-between.

A big thank you to AllensCamera. Check out the interview at If you love music or love candid images for that matter this book is going to give you a thrill. When you hear something that you think is secret-word worthy, be sure to tweet it with the hashtag RAWtalk or post it on the Facebook Fan page with the same tag. Give the Photo News a listen and enjoy. Listen to how he got started. Without them there the show would not look like it looks today.

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As you know we use their Broadcaster mics each and every week even when we hit up the Grand Canyon. He mentioned during his off days form assignments he would go out and shoot to keep his skills tight. What do you think will be coming in the photography industry? After that last two weeks combining for to be a two hour episode I was attempting to keep this latest one to an hour, I failed. Something is different this week but what is it? We could not have done it without all you guys watching and interacting with the show. We had new hashtags, FREE stuff, memes, flying solo and a lot of laughs. My goal with this is to help you I must say there were so many great questions that I chose a few extra to squeeze in as many answers as I could. Save Cancel Drag to set position! Please take a look around their site and see what they offer as they support the show and I support them. If one of them interests you simply google what it is to find more information or where to purchase from. Who wants to help? They make consumer glass, professional glass as well as super high end optics for the movie industry. RAWtalk will be moving to bi-weekly opposed to each week. I answered questions about the last four years as well as read some of your favorite moments. I got over all the important specs of this camera and explain why I will be upgrading it. The way around that is to use an ATOMOS which not only lets you record none stop but gives you an even higher quality video to work with than the camera itself. They just announced two microphones are gaining Rycote Lyre suspensions. If I were to take RAWtalk on the road to different cities would you purchase tickets to see us record live and be apart of the show? They may not have the largest lineup of lenses but the ones they do have are worth a peak. Allen was there for me at the beginning and was one of the main catalysts to the early success of FroKnowsPhoto. A Big think you to AllensCamera. I honestly never know what direction the show will go when we hit record but this week took a turn into Business territory that you will not want to miss. Check out the new Atomos Power Station as well as the Barebones units which are priced to sell!!!!! Explicit Did I really give Stephen that as a gift? I had all access to shoot anything and everything and Stephen had access to the pit. If you do not have Lightroom just yet you can download a free trial right here. You are going to hear how Matt followed the methods I talk about time and time again to start building his YouTube following. Whereas the more pointed questions have a better chance of getting answered. We discuss that at Sitting down with Joel and hearing his story about turning down a six figure job out of college to try and turn and idea into a business was awe-inspiring. She is a hard working woman who knows how to hustle. Please help me by checking out Squarespace. Thank you guys for your continued support and please enjoy the show. I have the images posted on the website. Opening the iTunes Store. His resume would tell you otherwise but his hard work and bridge building has set him up for success. This is a great interview packed full of information that may help you in your quest as a creative.

What do you guys think? The best way to input, organize and protect your gear. But what it will do is give you the tops and tricks I personally use day in and day out to try and make it as a photographer. I debating taking my camera bag with me but ultimately opted to leave it home. In reality we should be using the invisilav which we are going to start doing. Oh yea, they only have a power button and a shutter button and the LCD screen is covered.

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I hope you will be able to join my class. We wanted to make the center camera tighter which involved Stephen and I not sitting directly across from each other. If your work is subpar it will not resonate with people. When the tables turn I answer the questions asked. Koller since I was a small child. Many of you remember when we did RAWtalk from the Grand Canyon, well while we were there we did much more. I highly encourage you to sit down with your parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters for an interview. Photo news starts at The photographers name was Bruce Bennett and he has the destination of being the first photographer I ever looked up to. This is a quick preview of some of the images I captured while using the 1D X at a recent concert event. It says they have the ability to do whatever they want with your images if and only if they ever ask you for them. A place where you can get overGraphics, images, vectors, icons, buttons and more. As you know we use the RODE broadcaster microphones each and every week. You guys wanted us to pull back the curtain just a little, so we did. Get your trials right here. Please take a look around their site and see what they offer as they support the show and I support them. I hope you enjoy. Yes that accounts for a span of four years worth of episodes which is pure insanity. Be sure to check out MyRodeReel. What other vintage games do you recall playing when you were a kid? My solution to this is use wig tape or gaff tape and you will be good to go.

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They may not have the largest lineup of lenses but the ones they do have are worth a peak. Tune in at 3: We are testing a bunch of different solutions and we will see what we end up with soon. The answers to both were not that they are always very careful with their gear.

Well, Israel is part WAR, part history and part tech and I will be capturing a little bit of everything when I am there. You have to see this thing in action though, the guy firing it looks like he is ready for WAR.